Sunday, June 26, 2011

Qualifier Results./Reports.

Went to SG.Wang and register (Blah Blah Blah, lots of Bull-Shit)

Skip to the tourney.

Match 1 - Old Version Burn Deck (Unknown)

My opponent looks damn GAY! I'm serious, the way he looked at me. Oh My Gawd. I just can't continue :(

Game 1 : I don't know what happen cause my life dropped from 8000 to 4000 in an instant. The only thing I could remember is I used Hand of the Six Samurai to whack until he dies. :D

Game 2 : Scrap Dragon 3 Turn Direct Attack FTW. He gave me Ojama Tokens (x3) on my first turn. So I just summoned a Kagemusha (The only monster I had) which is a Lv2 Tuner and made Scrap Dragon. After that... you know the story.

Okay! Its time for some breakfast during around 11:30 if not mistaken.

Match 2 - Whirlwind Black Fether (Yap Yi Herng [Forgive me if I spelled your name wrongly])

I just hate Whirlwind Black Feather. Finally I know how people feels when I was a WWBF Player last time :P

Game 1 : I knew I'm going to lose this game. So I didn't reveal myself using Six Samurai. The only few cards I showed is Mystical Space Typhoon, Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole. Without showing him any other stuffs, he won't be able know what deck I'm playing which means I don't know what to side for game 2.

Game 2 : He sided in 5 cards. I'm surprised that he guessed what deck I'm playing correctly. But he wasn't 100% confirm so he didn't side full against me. Later beat him with a SAMURAI RUSH ATTACK!!!

Game 3 : OMG this is so f*cking scary. During the last turn. He had a Bora, Whirlwind, Vayu (DEF), 3 Set Cards with 1 Blizzard in his hand. OMG!!! I just had a Cyber Dragon on the field with Elder of the Six Samurai and Grandmaster. During my turn, I drew Kageki. I knew I'm going to lose next turn so I went all out. I summoned Kageki, he passed and I called out Elder, he's surprised that and told me he had a face down Solemn Judgment and he was planning to solemn my Shien cause he thought I was going to summon it. But too bad I wasn't :P So later that I dropped my Grandmaster. Solemn is already useless this time since he had only 2500 left. Haha.

Match 3 - Gravekeeper (Unknown)

Game 1 : Made a mistake and lost. Was scared at this time :(

Game 2 : Shien all out, I don't think he will get a chance to activate Necrovalley.

Game 3 : Realized that I didn't side out 2 Double-Edged and Monster Reborn and made the changes. I was pressing him from the beginning till the end.

Yeah. So I went into Top 32.

Match 4 - Agent Angels (Sam)

So this game is all about who starts and who wins. And he started first. Just can't blame anyone :/

So yeah, I lost at Top 32. Stayed there till the Final's First Game and left.

Made a phone call when I reached home and I was told that Sam won. Wow thats awesome and congratz Sam for being Malaysia's Representative for Worlds 2011 :)

I tired to make this post as short as possible already since I'm very tired.

Okay Ciao Guys :D


Friday, June 24, 2011

Worlds Qualifier in Malaysia (2 more Days)

Yea, just 2 more days. I'll be attending for sure. Cause this is a very important to every single Duelist in Malaysia :)

Good Luck to every and hope you guys can find a solution for your deck in within this 2 days.

Edit : Played few games at DuelNet today, won every single game and my point went from 500 to 600 haha. Guess my luck today was good. Hope I can be this lucky during the qualifier.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some Little New Stuff.

One of the Hopeless Dragon varian as known as the SOL Hopeless Dragon. *SOL means Stone of Legend*. From the Photon Shockwave Pack. This variant of Hopeless Dragon is going to get some new support. Known as Ruler's Penetrating Gaze. Although its effect is still unconfirmed but from my experiences Unconfirmed = 99% Confirmed. And theres 1% chance that the card will have a better effect.

Example the T.G. Series. At first all of their effect are unconfirmed but when its released their effect is way better.

Well, don't want to get off topic too much so lets get back into the original topic.

Here's the card.

Ruler's Penetrating Gaze 「王者の看破」
Counter Trap Card
{Effect unconfirmed: Activate only if you control a face-up Level 7 or higher Normal Monster. Negate the activation of a Magic or Trap Card, OR the Normal Summon, Flip Summon, or Special Summon of a monster and destroy it.}

Saw that?

First thing, its a Counter Trap. Everyone know how powerful a Counter Trap card is. Their cost may be high but their effect is always awesome. Some of the very good examples are Solemn Judgment, Solemn Warning, Seven Tools of the Bandit, Dark Bribe, Divine Punishment and so on.

As above I mentioned that Counter Trap Card's cost are high but take a closer look at this card. Basically, you only need a Level 7 or higher Normal Monster to negate Everything! Yes! "EVERYTHING!" Still not clear? I'll repeat it again 10 times.


Another 10 times?

Nah (Except for Monster Effect actually) .... Tired of copy pasting. Don't want to break my hand before I finish this post.

I know we can't negate monster effect with it. But so what? If your opponent doesn't have a monster, whats the point of fearing monster effect?

Remember, this card negates Summoning also.

Well, enough of promoting this card. Tired of typing also.

Lastly, *Notice* I'm not saying that Hopeless Dragon is going to become the next top tier Deck and its not possible because of REDMD being an Unofficial Card in the Official Format. Just telling that what caught my eye on the new Series.

Thanks for Reading :D


Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh My GAWD!!!!!

My head is gonna explode. Dueling Network, many duelist with ruling problems. Gonna die explaining everything to them. I saw some playing their deck very very fast!


1. Summon monster and straight proceed into Battle Phase. *Stares at my face down Warning*

2. Reborn Tengu sends to grave and quickly get another pieces out. *Stares at my face down Warning again*

And my head is going to explode every time I need to explain everything to them Again and Again and Again and Again *Again Loop*

There's still many more example but just lazy to type every out.

Players there need to understand their rulings better.

End Post.


Everyone is using Dueling Network now :D

Dueling Network is now the hottest topic.Its a very cool system, way better than YvD.

My ID is "HappyLoo"

End Post.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

I didn't Top nor Scrub!!!

Went there late so I didn't join the Qualifier. Well, the truth is I didn't want to go there early cause I won't be able to join as well. Junk Dopple lacks 2 Tuning 1 Junk Destroyer and Agents Angels lacks 1 - 2 PoD, 1 D.Prison, 1 Orange Herald.

How sad?

Anyways. I had fun.

Played with Sean the whole day with my Junk Dopple since he allows me to proxy my 2 Tuning :D

Its proven that I need Librarian, really really need it it order to play my Junk Dopple. Without it I die, with it I win.

Btw, congratz to Sung Lee for winning Malaysia 2011 Asia Qualifier and same goes to Karl Lim for participating in the 2011 Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championship.

End Post.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Malaysia Asia Qualifier Eve...

Good Luck to every single Malaysia players :D

And I'll be posting a Report for sure if I'm joining. But I'm not very sure if I'm joining or not, depends on if I'm able to get the cards I want today.

If I fail to get them, I rather don't join then lose. But even without a Deck, I'll still go to Sg.Wang tomorrow.

You can't play but you can still Buy, Sell or Trade.

Hahas, Good Luck Everyone!!!