Sunday, June 26, 2011

Qualifier Results./Reports.

Went to SG.Wang and register (Blah Blah Blah, lots of Bull-Shit)

Skip to the tourney.

Match 1 - Old Version Burn Deck (Unknown)

My opponent looks damn GAY! I'm serious, the way he looked at me. Oh My Gawd. I just can't continue :(

Game 1 : I don't know what happen cause my life dropped from 8000 to 4000 in an instant. The only thing I could remember is I used Hand of the Six Samurai to whack until he dies. :D

Game 2 : Scrap Dragon 3 Turn Direct Attack FTW. He gave me Ojama Tokens (x3) on my first turn. So I just summoned a Kagemusha (The only monster I had) which is a Lv2 Tuner and made Scrap Dragon. After that... you know the story.

Okay! Its time for some breakfast during around 11:30 if not mistaken.

Match 2 - Whirlwind Black Fether (Yap Yi Herng [Forgive me if I spelled your name wrongly])

I just hate Whirlwind Black Feather. Finally I know how people feels when I was a WWBF Player last time :P

Game 1 : I knew I'm going to lose this game. So I didn't reveal myself using Six Samurai. The only few cards I showed is Mystical Space Typhoon, Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole. Without showing him any other stuffs, he won't be able know what deck I'm playing which means I don't know what to side for game 2.

Game 2 : He sided in 5 cards. I'm surprised that he guessed what deck I'm playing correctly. But he wasn't 100% confirm so he didn't side full against me. Later beat him with a SAMURAI RUSH ATTACK!!!

Game 3 : OMG this is so f*cking scary. During the last turn. He had a Bora, Whirlwind, Vayu (DEF), 3 Set Cards with 1 Blizzard in his hand. OMG!!! I just had a Cyber Dragon on the field with Elder of the Six Samurai and Grandmaster. During my turn, I drew Kageki. I knew I'm going to lose next turn so I went all out. I summoned Kageki, he passed and I called out Elder, he's surprised that and told me he had a face down Solemn Judgment and he was planning to solemn my Shien cause he thought I was going to summon it. But too bad I wasn't :P So later that I dropped my Grandmaster. Solemn is already useless this time since he had only 2500 left. Haha.

Match 3 - Gravekeeper (Unknown)

Game 1 : Made a mistake and lost. Was scared at this time :(

Game 2 : Shien all out, I don't think he will get a chance to activate Necrovalley.

Game 3 : Realized that I didn't side out 2 Double-Edged and Monster Reborn and made the changes. I was pressing him from the beginning till the end.

Yeah. So I went into Top 32.

Match 4 - Agent Angels (Sam)

So this game is all about who starts and who wins. And he started first. Just can't blame anyone :/

So yeah, I lost at Top 32. Stayed there till the Final's First Game and left.

Made a phone call when I reached home and I was told that Sam won. Wow thats awesome and congratz Sam for being Malaysia's Representative for Worlds 2011 :)

I tired to make this post as short as possible already since I'm very tired.

Okay Ciao Guys :D